The latest wings to go out of the workshop.

The Claymore has a wing area of 80 dm/2 and a low wing loading is easily achievable.

The Claymore has a variety of weights,Layuops and colour schemes. The weights we offer are:

  • 1.5 KG 
  • 1.8 KG
  • 2.0 KG

The Claymore can be layed up in Spread Tow Carbon and Glass Fibre or Can be layed with all Glass Fibre. The Claymore has many feature that come as standard with the model.

  • 15mm Ballast Tube 
  • 32mm C.N.C Machined Aluminium Firewall 
  • 6 Pin Multiplex Wiring harness Fitted in the Wing and Fuselage
  • IDS Servo System 

We Recommend using these electronics for the best performance out of the model:

  • Aileron- MKS DS/HV 6100 or Blue Bird BMS 105 HV
  • Flap- Turnigy 777
  • Elevator/Rudder- Hextronic MG14 or Blue Bird BMS 105 HV
  • Motor- Claymore F5j Drive available from T9hobbysport

The colour of your model can be any two colour from the RAL chart on top and custom colour schemes can be done for an additional fee.


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